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Please allow me to introduce myself/
I'm a man of need and poor taste

Julian | 18 | Cis male scum (3 guesses for my pronouns and the last 2 don't count), still waiting for JK Rowling to confirm my sexuality | Please be patient, I have the autism disorder | Wields the R-Word Pass | Nintendo owns my soul

Personal quote: "If they took porn off the Internet there'd only be one website left and it'd be called 'Bring Back the Porn'."

Smash Bros., Splatoon, Minecraft, Pokkén Tournament, etc etc

Tastes are all over the place (Beastie Boys, Death Grips is ok too, most future funk, too many mashup artists to list here)

Prequel memes, cartoon girls, drawing, big ladies, drawin' the big ladies, the SCP Foundation mythos, advocating for Doom rep in Smash, feet lmao

My mains

Official renders property of Nintendo, Sora Ltd., Bandai Namco, etc etc

(relatively) pure content
(may get horny on main but I won't post straight-up porn)

Switch Friend Code: SW 6732-5027-7902

🔞✋ Alert: this is an 18+ zone ✋🔞

Status: OPEN

Had to open a few slots because I'm fucking broke
Hit me up for more deets*

*I'm most active on DA, Twitter and Newgrounds

gif is (presumably) from Gurren Lagann, if it's fanmade please direct me to the source so proper credit can be given

background is from this video